• An experience to shape our future

    What if to regenerate the planet is just about joining the useful to the pleasant?

  • For the restless ones..

    We help the best professionals to collaborate with the most impactful projects.

    And the most impactful organizations to work with the best professionals.




    Looking for purposeful experiences

    - Help Meaningful projects

    - Get an amazing transformational experience

    - Expand network



    Looking for experts

    - Receive a hands on work methodology

    - Build, Grow or Scale your project.

    - Gain professional mentorship

  • We connect the dots

    Swap some days of intentional consultancy for some days of local experience.




    We are the bridge between the organization and the professional consultants.



    Design and delivery

    Consultants design and deliver the project. After it, they can enjoy the experience offered by the locals.



    Structure and experience

    The organization takes care of all the structure needed for the workshop and the after-work experience.

  • Our Cases

    Since 2014 we're testing methods and approaches to accelerate impact.

    Service Design, Business Modeling and MVP

    Popular housing initiative for the low-income communities of Manaus, Amazon.

    Service Design and Activation

    Ecotourism and Communitarian based tourism in the hearth of Amazon rain forest.

    Game Design, MVP Development and Creative Direction

    Gamified learning journey played by kids all over the World.

    Service Design and Activation; Creative Direction

    Portuguese start-up is an online marketplace for artisans and local shops sell their products globally.

  • To be an idle

    It doesn't mean you don't have to be brave. Dive into our 5 step process:



    Project Diagnosis

    First things first!

    We receive your call and we understand your project purpose and goals.


    2: CONNECT

    Mobilize Experts ​


    Now we can call our best friends consultants.


    3: DEFINE

    The Briefing

    We got a team!

    It is time to design our journey and define deliveries and outputs.


    4: MAKE

    Hands On Work

    Workshop time!

    It may be 1 day, it may be 3 days or it may be 5 days. Anyway, anyhow, it will be memorable!



    5: IDLE

    You Deserve it ;)

    Travel, eat, rest, meet people, smile, taste, share... whatever. 

    It is time to live! 

  • So, do you want to be an Idle?

    “Idleness is the beginning of all vice, the crown of all virtues.”

    - Franz Kafka -

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  • Idleness is the antithesis of business.

    We need idleness to make better, beautiful, creative and conscious business.


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